MrSmee (mrsmee) wrote in charlienot365,

i havent seen too many people recently and since charlie365 ended you may be wondering, just what is charlie up to? here is a little snippet of whats been goin down recently.

we had a hardcore show at our house featuring rockadactyl and godding's sawed-off (one other band bailed). it was rockin.

i'm taking a photo class and for my first project (due 2 weeks ago which i havent turned in yet) i drew tons of monsters on stickers (50 of em which took way too long) and i put them places and took pictures.

i'm also learning about studio lighting but my school is cheap and can't afford proper facilities/equipment. wtg skidmore.

the flash wont sync properly with my camera so what i like to do is put on a long exposure and just pop off random flashes. HARDCORE

lastly here is the smallest bunny i've ever seen. wow.

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